Hi Babe ♡  Before messaging us please check our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) first. We made sure to answer most of your questions there. ♡ If you still need our help, fill out the contact form below. We’d be happy to help! ♡ 

Freaquently Asked Quetions


Do you offer skincare product solution for specific skin problem?

Yes we do! Once you contact us describing your specific problem we will send you a custom formula sample for a low price. Our products are 100% natural. We are sending samples first as we cannot be sure if your problem is deeper than what we (mother nature) can solve.

So far we can proudly say all of our customers were more than satisfied with the results!

How long is creation time for skincare products?

1 day to 3 weeks, depending on how many orders we have at the moment.
Each product is handmade and takes time to be created.

Do you offer custom nail orders?

Yes! This will always be a yes!
We live for custom orders, making something unique is our specialty.

If you would like a custom order please fill out the contact form describing your idea!

How do I know my Press On Nail size?

The best option would be to purchase our 'Sizing Kit' for the most precise sizing.
However you can always do your own measurements - refer to our "Sizing" highlight on our instagram.

What nail glue do you recommend?

We recommend NYK1, KDS, IBD or Kiss Maximum speed Nail Glue.
You can purchase nail glue on our website.

How long do nails stay on?

This depends 99% on how you prepare your natural nails before application.
For the longest stay refer to our Instagram highlight 'GUIDE'.
Nails applied with nail tabs can stay up to few hours without washing your hands, nails applied with glue should stay on for 2-3 weeks.
I personally managed to keep them on for 3 weeks and 4 days!
All of our sets are pre etched before sending for the longest stay.
But babe, please remember to treat your nails like jewelry and not use them as tools!

Are the nails reusable?

Honeeey, yes!!!
You save your money right at the start.
With nails tabs you can use them FOREVER!
With nail glue one set can hold up to 5+ uses. (1 use - approx 3 weeks, 5 uses - approx 105 days/ 3+ months of wearing only one set!)
This will only work if you carefully remove the glue after each wear without thinning out the artificial nail.
I would suggest investing in some inexpensive electric nail file, as you wont use it much and you don't need a big pressure.

How strong are the nails?

Our nails are very strong and durable.
We only use Apres Gel-X Tips and top rated - highest quality material on the market.

How many nails do I get?

Made To Order - 10 nails of your desired length and shape.

Ready To Ship - In the caption of the set.

What comes with my nails?

All nail orders come with a mini nail file, mini buffer, proximal nail fold pusher (wooden) stick, 2 alcohol wipes and 20 nail tabs.

What if the nails I ordered don't fit?

Due to the resources provided (Sizing Guide and Sizing Kit) we are not responsible if the incorrect size is ordered.

Do you offer rush shipping?

Yes we do!
For rush shipping please contact us as the pricing and time frame for each country is different.

Do you offer wordwide shipping?

Yes, we ship worldwide and its mostly very cheap! Contact us so we can inform you about shipping costs for your specific country.

How long is shipping for nails?

Production time (creation time)and shipping time are not the same.

Once your set is finished, you will be notified of the delivery day.

Made to order - Production time is 1 - 3 weeks.
In case of urgency, by agreement, the production time can be shorter.

CUSTOM - Sets made by your design choice.
Production time is 1-4 weeks.

Ready To Ship - Ready to ship sets are premade.
Delivery time is 1-3 working days for Croatia and 1-30 working days for other countries.
No changes on these sets can be made, sets come exactly as they are.

Sizing Kit - The most precise way to determine your sizes.
Delivery time 1-3 working days for Croatia and 1-30 working days for other countries.

How long is shipping time for nail decals?

Production time is 2-3 days. Depending on how many orders I have at the moment. Making decals is a process because of the necessary dry and cure time.

Shipping 1-2 days.

Do you offer refund?

We do not offer refunds, exchanges or cancellations.
If your package has been damaged upon delivery, please contact us within 24 hours, with the attached photo of the damaged package through our email: info@missfortune.shop
MISS FORTUNE will then by agreement, refund the money or resend the desired order.
Refunds will also be made in case of inability to create a desired order due to sudden illness or personal reasons (FOR CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY).