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Nails in just 15 min!

Reausable, at home manicure & eye catching.

All handmade with so much love! ♡

Using only the highest quality products such as:
Aprés Nail, Preciosa Crystals, Zoeve Nail Art, Madam Glam, Candy Coat, Lecente, Young Nails, Tracy Nailz and others..

Everybody's taste is different but we got you covered with lots of styles!

From plain nails to BLING BLING 💎

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Miss Fortune Beauty Store, How it Started?

Starting in Nov. 2020, Miss Fortune was founded by one young girl determined to pursue her dreams. So let me introduce myself! I am 22 years old, my name is Ivana and my brand is based in Croatia. With my extremly bubbly personality I came up with all these custom made products that will make you feel like a freakin Goddess.

Miss Fortune also resells some products, at the best price, to support your dreams.

So why ‘’Miss Fortune’’?
Miss – as its a business run by a woman
Fortune – simply because I carry you Fortune and I want YOU to feel like one.

Every women should feel pretty and comfortable in her own skin so we are here to help you fall in love with yourself even more! Feel like a Fortune when you wear our Luxurious Press On Nails or when you use our Healing Skincare, Nail Care and Lash Care products. ♡

Our motivation quote is ‘’QUALITY over QUANTITY’’.

We always make sure to provide highest quality products made with highest quality material. All of our custom products are handmade with lots of love. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best products, at the best price. We do not sell products that we would not buy and use ourselves. High product quality and reasonable prices are an absolute must. This is appreciated by our customers worldwide. Your satisfaction is our top priority and if you are not 100% satisfied at any point, we are there for you. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we will be happy to accompany you on your way to reach the freaking TOP.

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