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Coco Baby Whipped Body Butter ♡

Coco Baby Whipped Body Butter ♡

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Perfect for Adults, Babies and Mama Bears!

Very light on the skin and a great choice for families who prefer a natural cream to moisturize extremely dry patches on skin. Made from plant oils and butters whipped to perfection to provide all day intense moisturize without feeling greasy. This butter helps with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis etc. We love it and so will you!


Texture: Light & creamy 
Smells like: Mostly Argan (nutty/earthy smell) & Coconut 

Please don't expect from this butter to smell amazing as all the ingredients are 100% natural and leave their own natural smell. This butter is 100% Fragrance Free.


  • Organic Refined Shea Butter
  • Organic Unrefined Argan Butter
  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Organic Unrefined Jojoba Oil
  • Mica Powder (for coloring)

Benefits of each ingredient:

Argan Butter

  • Boasts skin healing (often used on pregnancy belly)
  • Protects from external UV damage
  • Inflammation reduction and anti-aging properties
  • Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind greasy residue
  • Deeply moisturizes
  • Restores softness and improves skin texture
  • Nourishes pores without clogging
  • Reduces dark spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation

 Shea Butter

  • Holds moisture in and reduces risk of dryness
  • Easy for your skin to fully absorb
  • Anti-inflammatory (helps with eczema and other skin conditions)
  • Restores the elasticity of the skin
  • Rich with vitamins A and E, which means it promotes strong antioxidant activity (anti-aging)
  • Helps promote cell regeneration (wound healing)
  • Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring

 Coconut Oil

  • Reduces inflammation (helps with different types of skin disorders, including psoriasis, contact dermatitis and eczema)
  • Keeps skin moisturized
  • Helps with wound healing
  • It soothes skin which means over time it improves your skin texture
  • Calms temporary redness

Jojoba Oil

  • Helps control sebum production
  • Helps promote collagen synthesis
  • Helps speed up wound healing
  • Doesn't clog pores
  • Has anti-inflammatory and healing properties
  • Helps with skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis etc..)
  • Restores vitamin E
  • Adds moisture and promotes healing
  • Helps treat acne
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars


How to use: If skin is very dry apply 3-5 times during the day. For maintenance of hydrated skin, apply 1-2 times a day. You can get best results when applied immediately onto skin after a fresh bath.

Shelf Life: Approx.1 year.

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