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Miss Fortune

Peachy Lip Butter ♡

Peachy Lip Butter ♡

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Scent or No Scent

Our Peachy Lip Butter nurishes, protects, and gives your lips a soft and shiny look! But above all, it prevents drought and small cracks.

  • Beautiful Natural Shine
  • Perfect Movie Star Pout
  • Fast-absorbing
  • Creates a Protective Layer
  • Hydrating - Lips are naturally sensitive to moisture loss so having hydrated lips is a major factor in preventing them from getting dry and chapped in the first place.
  • Super Concentration - APPLY LESS. Our lip butter is so effective because its highly concentrated with lip-soothing ingredients.
  • Your skin heals faster - The skin on your lips is thinner than elsewhere on your body. Using a lip balm will ensure that your lips are well hydrated and they heal faster.
  • Plumper look - Applying lip balm can plump up your lips. When they are dry, they actually shrink in size.


Candelilla Wax - As a water-proofing agent, it protects the lips against heat and dryness, thereby preventing moisture loss and giving your lips a beautiful glossy shine.

Peach Kernel Oil - Has a very light texture that absorbs quickly into your lips leaving a soft and supple feel.
It also provides a more natural finish shine than lipstick or gloss without leaving a sticky film.

Macadamia Oil - An excellent product for even the most sensitive lips.
Smoothens - Your lips do not have their own oil glands which means most of the time they dry up and go flakey. Macadamia nut oil can help soothe and calm it to restore its natural balance. Its also our key ingredient in making your lips Silky Soft!

When to use: Anytime you feel your lips are dry and especially before going out of your house in the winter time.
You always want to moisturize your lips before bedtime to ensure you wake up with smooth, soft lips.


Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Peach Oil, Organic Macadamia Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Organic Jojoba oilMica Powder

+ Peach Fragrance (3 drops!) if you choose a scented option


Dont worry if you unintentionally licked your lips with having our lip product on.
Our lip products are perfectly safe for internal use but please DO NOT eat them!
They are not flavoured therefore they dont taste good to be eaten nor it is safe to eat all our mixed ingredients in that kind of amount!

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