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Miss Fortune

Sweetie Whipped Body Butter ♡

Sweetie Whipped Body Butter ♡

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Smell like a Flower!

Whipped to perfection to provide all day intense moisturize without feeling greasy.

With Magnolia Sweet floral fragrance, lightly fruity!


  • Organic Refined Shea Butter
  • Organic Unrefined Argan Butter
  • Organic Unredfined Argan Oil
  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Organic Unrefined Jojoba Oil
  • Organic Unrefined Sunflower Oil
  • Mica Powder (for coloring)
  • Magnolia Fragrance

Benefits of KEY ingredients:

Argan Butter & Oil

  • Boasts skin healing (often used on pregnancy belly)
  • Protects from external UV damage
  • Inflammation reduction and anti-aging properties
  • Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind greasy residue
  • Deeply moisturizes
  • Restores softness and improves skin texture
  • Nourishes pores without clogging
  • Reduces dark spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation

 Shea Butter

  • Holds moisture in and reduces risk of dryness
  • Easy for your skin to fully absorb
  • Anti-inflammatory (helps with eczema and other skin conditions)
  • Restores the elasticity of the skin
  • Rich with vitamins A and E, which means it promotes strong antioxidant activity (anti-aging)
  • Helps promote cell regeneration (wound healing)
  • Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring

 Coconut Oil

  • Reduces inflammation (helps with different types of skin disorders, including psoriasis, contact dermatitis and eczema)
  • Keeps skin moisturized
  • Helps with wound healing
  • It soothes skin which means over time it improves your skin texture
  • Calms temporary redness

Jojoba Oil

  • Helps control sebum production
  • Helps promote collagen synthesis
  • Helps speed up wound healing
  • Doesn't clog pores
  • Has anti-inflammatory and healing properties
  • Helps with skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis etc..)
  • Restores vitamin E
  • Adds moisture and promotes healing
  • Helps treat acne
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars


Sunflower Oil

  • It leaves pores unclogged
  • It offers sun protection
  • It helps heal wounds
  • Moisturizing
  • Lightening scars

How to use: If skin is very dry apply 3-5 times during the day. For maintenance of hydrated skin, apply 1-2 times a day. You can get best results when applied immediately onto skin after a fresh bath.

Shelf Life: Approx.1 year.

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